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I am an Uber and Lyft mentor, trainer and coach. I own a fleet of cars that I rent out to Uber and Lyft drivers.
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  1. Hey Torsten .

    Big fan, and fellow driver. Been following your channel for a while now and enrolled in your online rideshare course .I would really like ti ask you a few questions about my future in the industry and purchasing a vehicle. It seems imoossible to get a hold of you. To be clear I currently
    rent and pay $400/week... I've been doing this for 6 months now and I just about had it. If you can please advise me on which car to buy and markets to enter I'd really really appreciate it. Phone number is 917-331-4889 .Thank you .

  2. I watched your videos and they are really helpful. Thank you for making the videos

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  7. Hello Brothers, 6 years, Uber and Lyft. 5 star. 50 CENTS ! Velcro strip to phone on dash, NOT $30 DOLLARS BROTHERS.

  8. Dearest Thorsten,

    2 nights last week, rides, $15, $45,$55,$100. Lyft gave me 30- 40%. WHAT IS GOING ON ???

  9. Uber is stealing my tips and I have proof.